online program for parents of 1- to 9-year-olds

The Power of Parenting

Discover the secret to swapping power struggles and pushback for cooperation and connection.
a program for parents of 1- to 9-year-olds

The Power
of Parenting

Discover the secret to swapping power struggles and pushback for cooperation and connection.

Parenting can feel like
one argument after another.

If we’re not threatening to take away our child’s screen time, we’re butting heads over homework. Or lecturing them about lying. Or (ironically) yelling at them for yelling at us.

If we’re not threatening to take away our child’s screen time, we’re butting heads over homework. Or lecturing them about lying. Or (ironically) yelling at them for yelling at us.

There must be a better way, right?

There is a better way.
And it’s never too late to start.

In The Power of Parenting online program, you’ll learn how to:


Set limits without triggering tantrums.

Inspire cooperation without begging or bribing.

Stay connected without feeling like a pushover.

The Moms Behind The Power of Parenting

Dr. Fariha Rub, M.D.
& Cat Magielnicki

If you feel like parenting is the hardest thing ever, you’re not alone… and you’re absolutely right. Developing small humans into capable, compassionate, well-adjusted adults is tricky.

But you’re up to the task, and we’re right here beside you.

Fariha, @thedoctormommy, is a hospital medicine physician, mom to three, and wife to a physician.

Cat is a child development expert, licensed school psychologist, and mom to Little A

Welcome to our signature online program

The Power of Parenting

The Power of Parenting Program

A complete, step-by-step program that teaches you how to parent your child from a place of connection and self-awareness so they have self-discipline and can manage their emotions a lot better, and you can finally have peace and calm in your home.

Here is what’s included.

Inside of The Power of Parenting program you get:


12 months of access to The Power of Parenting online course with 6 modules (41 video lessons) that you can go through at your own pace.

Supplementation Guide. Learn how to act in various life situations, e.g., car seat tantrums or getting hit by your child.

The MOM-tras of Parenting. 11 mindset shifts that will be introduced throughout the course to help you parent from a place of connection.

Parent Reflection – Your Story Exploration Journal. This is your journal, your space, and your time to process & reflect.

Monthly live Q&A calls with Fariha.* Your opportunity to ask questions, get recommendations and community feedback. 

Private Community Access.* 12 months of community support and accountability.

*Included at the Membership level.

The Power of Parenting Online Course Curriculum

The gentle way to build a strong family.

Section 1

Pillars of Parenting

Discover an entirely new mindset around parenting, and learn how to stick with your new approach for good.

Section 2

Self Work

Find out how your own childhood influences your parenting, and get tips for unlearning unhealthy patterns—while giving yourself grace along the way.

Section 3

Brain Science

Right-size your expectations based on your child’s brain development. Then, learn how to use routines and structure to minimize meltdowns.

Section 4

Limit-Setting & Effective Discipline

Understand how to establish limits, decide which ones are worth setting, and know exactly what to do when your child crosses a boundary.

Section 5

Questions Every Parent Asks

Get practical guidance for handling all the most common power struggles: homework, screen time, sharing, hitting, disrespect, and lots more.

“As a parent, I consistently refer to Cat’s knowledge of how to connect with my children during challenging times. She has equipped my family with so many valuable skills.”

When you parent on purpose:

You can parent your way, instead of how your parents raised you.

Your kids can be their authentic selves, rather than simply complying with rules.
You’ll know you’re doing your best, so you can let go of mom guilt.

Your children will want to cooperate with you because they know you deeply value them.

You can build meaningful relationships with your kids that last into their teenage years and beyond.

Say goodbye to butting heads.

Access the program.

Learn at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home.

We know you’re busy, so we’ve made each video short and practical.

Practice your new skills.

You’ll learn to parent on purpose, instead of defaulting to old patterns.

Every lesson includes proven tips you can begin using today.

Feel calm & connected.

Be proud of how you parent and enjoy peace in your home.

The Power of Parenting is backed by our 30-day, money-back guarantee.

Common Questions

My child is ___ years old. Is this course for me?

The Power of Parenting has information that is relatable and can be implemented for any age group. For our examples, we have focused on ages 1-9 years old.

What does the program include?

● 12 months of access to the program
● a self-paced online course (6 modules with 41 video lessons)
● supportive downloadable/printable materials
● monthly live Q&A calls with Fariha*
● access to our exclusive online community for support and accountability*

*Included at the Membership level.

How long do I have access to the content?

From the date of purchase, you’ll have 12 months to complete the program. We want you to go at your own pace, but we’ve learned if we give moms too long, they tend to put it off. And you deserve the peace The Power of Parenting will bring—sooner than later!

What's your refund policy?

Try the program for 30 days. If you don’t sense your relationship with your child absolutely transforming, simply ask for a refund. 

What if I need extra help?

Right now, when you purchase the Membership plan of The Power of Parenting, you get access to monthly group Q&A calls with Fariha and to our exclusive online community. If you sense your family could benefit from professional support, we encourage you to find a therapist near you. 

Additionally, we offer a limited number of phone consults for parents who take the course. 

I just want my child to behave! Will this program work?

It will… although maybe in a different way than you imagine. 
The Power of Parenting isn’t about asserting power over your child. It’s about harnessing their power so they want to meet your expectations.
If you grew up in a home with strict, authoritarian adults who were all about obedience and punishment, that approach may sound overly “permissive.” We promise it’s not.

There's no way my partner/in-laws will get on board with "gentle" parenting. What should I do?

We offer suggestions for navigating this exact scenario inside the course!

I feel like my child is out of control. Will this help?

We’ve talked with thousands of parents who were at their wits’ end before discovering the strategies we teach in The Power of Parenting. So, yes: Even if you feel like you’ve tried everything, this course will help.

I follow @thedoctormommy on Instagram. Will I learn anything new

Yes! The Power of Parenting course includes exclusive content. Plus, at the Membership level, you get 12 months of community support and a chance to ask Fariha questions during the monthly Q&A calls.

Trusted by 100K parents.

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