Phone Consults With Fariha or Cat

Phone consults are reserved for those who have purchased The Power of Parenting program.
Calls booked by customers who haven’t purchased the program will be canceled and refunded.

Dr. Fariha Rub, M.D.

Fariha can help you navigate cultural and societal expectations on parenting.
  • Identify generational trauma impacting your parental triggers
  • Dynamics with spouse and in-laws
  • People-pleasing behaviors, and boundary holding in relation to parenting

Some common questions that Fariha can help with include:

“How do I get my traditional spouse on board with this parenting style?”
“My in-laws interfere with my parenting, how do I deal with this?”
“I get so triggered when my child doesn’t listen to me”
“How do I deal with my child hitting others, not sharing?”

Cat Magielnicki

Cat specializes in supporting parents with managing and developing strategies for behaviors at home and school.

Some common questions often brought to Cat include:
“How are can I help my child feel less nervous about school?”
“How can I support my child in developing their social connections?”
“I’m concerned my child might need more learning support, how can I talk with the school?”
“My child has been getting into trouble at school, what should I do?”
“I’m having a hard time helping my child cope with big feelings. What are practical strategies to use at home?”

6 Ways Kids Push Parents’ Buttons (and how to respond without losing your cool)

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